Vyrna is the capital city of the Kingdom of Varos. It his home to hundreds of thousands of Varosians.

History Edit

Built on the steppes of Varos the capital city of Vyrna is a monument to both the Varosians and the willpower of Men.

Throughout the cycles it has been the home of millions of Varosians (as well as other citizens of Anvaris) and the fortress of hundreds of kings and queens.

Notable Locations Edit

Great Castle of Vyrna Edit

The Great Castle of Vyrna is situated at the center of Vyrna and stands tall in comparison to the rest of the city.

Should the need ever arise this massive castle is capable of harboring the entire city population for a long duration of time in the event of an attack.

Temple Circle Edit

A location in close proximity to the castle Temple Circle is a crossroad junction lined with temples of the Anvaris gods.

Media Edit

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