Tarak is a hunter and the chosen leader of the tribes who live in the Northern Waste.

History Edit

A man running from a painful past, Tarak was once a great soldier who brought great shame on himself.

He now reside deep within the Northern Waste where he has found a new purpose in leading the majority of the tribes and communities, organizing their resources and trade agreements with the people of Anvaris.

While he distrust most outsiders those who prove themself will earn his respect and gain a valuable ally in the proccess.

During the Lightwar Tarak led several scouting and sabotage missions against the forces serving Kodan the Dark.

Equipment Edit

Tarak's Blade Edit

Old and worn this sword is still lethal and has served Tarak for most of his life.

Nighthunter Edit

Carved from a black oak branch this sturdy shortbow is used by Tarak for hunting and picking off threats from a distance.

Media Edit

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