The Orb of light is one of the God Orbs. It represents the element of light itself as well as the 'good' of the people of Anvaris.

History Edit

Used by Andvarus to create life itself the Orb of Light created sprawling nature on barren ground as well as people and animals to populate it.

After Anvaris had been created the Orb of Light was buried in a cave at the center of the continent. A small community of Men eventually recovered it and swore to keep it safe, founding the Temple of Light.

Eventually a order known as the Lightkeepers were formed to guard it the orb across generations while also remaining neutral from any political pressure.

During the Lightwar the Orb of Light and the Orb of Time were both stolen by Kodan the Dark and his minions. This prompted the Lightkeepers to join the war in an effort to recover the stolen relics.

Media Edit

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