The Lesser Kingdoms is an alliance of hundreds of smaller kingdoms. They are situated to the south-east, sharing borders the Sylvanian Empire to the west and the Kingdom of Varos to the north-west.

History Edit

Although it is referred to as the Lesser Kingdoms, the term is actually a gross oversimplification as the region consists of 5 small kingdoms which all have their own internal intrigues and cultures.

As such, here will be a brief introduction to the varying kingdoms.

The Kingdom of Meerland Edit


The Sigil of the Kingdom of Meerland. It bears the roaring head of the black bear, a symbol of strength. On top is the Crown of Haralld Oberst I, the first king of Meerland.

The Kingdom of Meerland is located in the North West in the Lesser Kingdoms. The people living in Meerland are very strict and conservative when it comes to their own culture and customs. They are usually described as reserved and polite, but also possess a remarkably strong will when things concern their passions.

The current monarch of the is Wilhelm Oberst IV. High councilor Edmund Fhrond also hails from Meerland. The noble house of Hemwick under it's Lord of the Manor, Iosef Hemwick, rule over a sizable region surrounding Unity lake.

Meerland fielded the largest army during the Light War. Although not as impressive as Angeroud knights or Terrivére crossbowmen and warmages, the Meerland Peasent Militia helped secure many important battles with it's vast legions of pikemen and foot soldiers.

The Kingdom is named after the region, Meerland. In the old tongue it means "the land sea", referring to the forested hills that cover much of the region, since viewing it from a high point one might say it looks like the calm waves of a green ocean.

Meerlanders usually live in modest villages. An entire village usually specialize on one thing and then congregate in the bigger cities to barter amongst themselves. Common trades are logging, mining, farming and animal husbandry.

From other Kingdoms, Meerlander nobility are most interested in Terriviére wines and fabrics, since they display a symbol of wealth and power. The peasantry are more interested in Angeroud tools and weapons due to their quality, but Meerland craftsmen and blacksmiths are slowly approaching the same standard for quality. Another coveted item is the Oni spirits, brewed in the mountains in the [filler]

The Kingdom of Angeroud Edit


The Sigil of Angeroud. Under a crimson evening sky, Elric the Just cuts a piece of his golden cloak to a vagabond.


The Duchy of Terriviére Edit


The Sigil of the Duchy of Terriviére. Trias, the god of fertility, love and fortune holds a fish and a clover in his hands as a blessing upon the riverlands.


The Fellowship of Smolyska Edit



Culture Edit

Media Edit

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