Kazuki Yukimura is a veteran member of the Lightkeeper order.

History Edit

Few knows the history of the legendary warrior known as Kazuki Yukimura. He is said to have hailed from a small Oni clan absorbed by time itself.

In the society of his people he is many things. A ghost, some claim. A demon, other say. Wether this is true or not is unknown, for Kazuki is shrouded in mystery.

In fact, some even doubt that he exists in the first place.

The real truth is the tale of a brave warrior who left his home to fight those who wished to harm those he loved.

Despite his skill Kazuki was not able to vanquish the evil spirits he sought to remove, because of his failure his clan paid the ultimate price and was doomed untill the entire clan was nothing but ashes.

With a step away from ending his own life a wise man spoke to him kindly and offered Kazuki warmth and, most importantly, a new purpose.

Kazuki Yukimura became the first Oni to be sworn in to the Lightkeeper ranks.

Through strength and determination he both train and lead the soldiers of light.

Equipment Edit

Kazuki's Armor Edit

Heavy Oni armor covered with spells and runic symbols, enchanted to improve Kazuki's fighting ability.

Yukimura Blade Edit

A Naginata (spear and sword in one) handcrafted by Kazuki during the Great Eclipse of the 11th Cycle. Because of the nature of the event Kazuki managed to infuse this blade with the raw power of Dekanas himself, creating a tool of judgement in the proccess.

Media Edit

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