Little is known about the Kavurian realm and much less is known about their species as a whole.

Physiology Edit

Tall, slender and muscular the most prominent feature of the Kavurians is their pale crimson skin, their four glowing eyes as well as their menacing teeth.

Kavurians are fast, a feature further enhanced thanks to their habit of wearing light armor.

In battle Kavurians were seen eating their opponents, sometimes while they were still alive.

History Edit

The Lightwar marked the first time anyone had ever encountered this evil species and it is believed that, due to the lack of previous evidence regarding them, the Kavurians are either creations of Ixuz himself or they travelled from a land far beyond.

Following the end of the war the Kavurians in Anvaris either died or fled back to whatever dark place they originally came from.

They have not been spotted since.

Media Edit

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