The Hobgoblin (Or Krieger in Querelle) are a highly militaristic race that is commonly found throughout both the lands of Anvaris and the southern wastes.

Physiology Edit

Hobgoblins are a very interesting case in that they seem to have ancestors hailing from not only Goblins, but Orcs, Men, Dwarfs and Elves as well.

Unlike their Goblin relatives, the Hobgoblins can breed outside of their own kind. But only with a race that shares enough similar traits to the respective Hobgoblin's genetic hereditary. Though the resulting offspring is almost always biologically infertile and is thus shunned heavily in most Hobgoblin communities.

It's believed by many scholars that they may have at one time been an race of Goblins that had the ability to produce offspring with a partner of another race.

This trait was used extensively to selectively bred many cycles long ago with various other races, effectively creating an entirely new race out of this meticulous selection of desired traits.

This makes it hard to pinpoint their exact characteristics as they can differ wildly between specimens. They do however come in a variety of skin colors, builds and facial features. The most common features seem to be raised ears, tusks and a estimated lifespan of 50 to 60 years.

More specific body attributes are associated with their sub-race or, as they are more generally called, their Legion heredity.

Species Edit

The Hobgoblin race is split between eight known sub-races, each having their own very notable characteristics which differentiates them from one another. Every sub-race seems to have formed around the Great Hobgoblin Legions of old.

These great Legions date back to the first sightings of the Hobgoblins within Anvaris, each having a primary progenitor that was the basis of the collective Hobgoblin race. Each progenitor seemly created both the sub-species's individual culture and physical features that continue to exist relatively intact to this day.

They are 7 sub-species currently exist and recognized as living within the realms of Anvaris. With two others being seemingly absent with little available information or records about these lost sub-species.

Though each one of these sub-species has it's own unique traits, both physical and mental. Most of these seem to hail from their non-Hobgoblin genetic ancestor.

Known Sub-Species Edit

Third 'Sun' Legionary descendant Edit

Hobgoblins hailing from this bloodline seem to be tallest of the known sub-species, the average height is about 6'0 to 6'3 feet with a tall, muscular build. Their ears are about Half-Elf length and their snouts are flat and large.

Most descendants lack the tooth tusks that so common among others of their race. Their skin is usually an red with varying shades of brown and their hair is often a dark brown or black. Eyes are commonly yellow to hazel with black pupils.

Fourth 'Night' Legionary descendant Edit

Hobgoblins hailing from this bloodline seem to be on the shorter of the end of the sub-species, the average height is about 5'5 to 5'7 feet with a slender build. Their ears stand tall and pointed and their noses resembling that of Man and Elves .

Their tooth tusks are small much smaller the normal of their race. Their skin is almost always a dark shade of a grayish-blue. Their hair color black, though they seem to be mostly bald or have it very short. Eyes is universally black with large, red pupils

Fifth 'Breaker' Legionary descendant Edit

Hobgoblins of this descendants are commonly mistaken for smaller Orcs, standing at a height between 5'10 to 6'1 feet with a hunched back and a stocky build. Their ears closely resemble that of an Orc with snouts also being very similar.

Their tooth tusks also resemble that of an Orc, though usually smaller. Their skin is usually an Orcish pale green with their hair is being a dark brown or black. Their eyes follow suit with the rest of their Orcliy features.

Sixth 'Bronze' Legionary descendant Edit

Hobgoblins from this bloodline closely resemble humans, sharing a average height of about 5'7 to 5'10 feet with a brawny build. Their ears look much like that of an Half-Elf, though larger in size and their noses are also being like that of an Man.

Their tooth tusks are about the size of Orc. Their skin is usually an darker tan with their hair being a dark brown or black. The Eyes looks indistinguishable from that of a Human.

Seventh 'Stone' Legionary descendant Edit

Hobgoblins hailing from this bloodline are among the largest of the known sub-species, the average height being about 5'11 to 6'2 feet and stands with a big, burly build. Their ears are pointed and are long in length and have dog like snouts.

Their tooth tusks are the largest among their race. Their skin is unusual an red like orange. Their eyes are small and are a dark yellow with black pupils.

Eighth 'Storm' Legionary descendant Edit

Hobgoblins descending from this Legion are quite shorter on the average, being of around 5'3 to 5'6 feet tall. Packing an compact build. Their ears are pointed outward but have rounded ends with their noses looking similar to that of Men.

They have smallish tooth tusks and their skin is of a Goblin green. They seem to be hairless and have off white, pupil less eyes.

Tenth 'Iron' Legionary descendant Edit

Hobgoblins of this bloodline are considered to the shortest of the race, with an average height of 5'2 to 5'4 feet tall but pack a very heavy set build. Their ears are long and pointed flat outwards.

They seem to lack the tooth tusks and instead have their lower teeth showing up from their lower jaw. Their skin is usually a light brown and their hair is varying shades of brown. Their eyes are pupil less and are of a light grey color.

Culture Edit

The Hobgoblins are a highly militaristic and callous race that prides both marital and strategy mastery above all else, viewing cowardice and submission to the enemy worse then that of even death. Their nature being ingrained since the creation of their race and has changed little since.

Their societies are often extremely ridged, the laws of the land are considered to be of the upmost importance to an individual with their responsibilities second. Their laws are very harsh but fair, though a single prohibited act is always met with harsh retribution and is taken with great shame by the perpetrator.

History Edit

Hobgoblins are a comparably recent species within Anvaris' history, they have nonetheless have had sufficient impact on the early cycles of Anvaris' and much of the Southern Wastes' history.

The Kreigmarshals Edit

The rule of Kreigmarshals lead to both the creation of the Hobgoblin race for use in their mighty legions. For they required a race of the perfect soldiers to fight for them and their dreams of absolute genocide of the lesser races and the complete occupation of the mortal realm.

This created an time of endless conflict as they raged a long, bloody war against the races of the Man and any others that they deem inferior to them. Only fit to be ruled over with an iron fist or be wiped from the face of the realm.

Their deeds lead to constant bloodshed and the subjugation within the southern wastes to only spill over to the southern lands of Anvaris. Fueled by the desire for unimaginable power by conquering the realm in the name of Kriguerre.

And such, they had taken nearly all of the lands of the southern wastes and were spreading deep into the south lands of Anvaris with great success at first. But the longer their siege continued, the more their losses begun to piled on and their supplies dwindled.

However, the end of the Kreigmarshals come about not from without but from within as the Kreigmarshals growing distrust of one another reached it's breaking point. Ending in Kreigmarshals dying one by one between the hands of enemy and that of themselves. The Legions were forever shattered in the wake of their masters death and soon, the Legions begun to fall themselves.

The Wavering Period Edit

With the time of the Legions now gone with their holds quickly falling apart around them. The survivors were now scattered throughout the realm between the Southlands and the wastes, Hunted by the victorious armies of Man in name of retribution for horrors that the Legions had wrought on the lands.

Many choose to fee towards the southern wastes back towards their homeland but most were not unfortunate in their endeavors. As such, they rushed to find shelter within any forests or wildness that they could find nearby.

Soon the great Legionaries were forced to live like the common bandits to survive the changing climate that surrounded them. Some chosen to begin creating holdouts along the outskirts of the known domains, creating hidden forts and outposts while others adopted an nomadic and decentralized structure, spiting off into many traveling tribes that journeyed throughout the woodlands and the Sylvanian dunes.

They did retained their militaristic and strict values. More then half of their young was forced to guard and protect their caravans, ever paranoid of attack from Kingdom hunting parties and the like. As they were nable to stay in one spot for too long without risking detection.

Some were however, spared from death by their victors. Often used as slaves forced to work tireless or to be used as cannon fodder, some gain the privilege of acting as pathfinders in a Kingdoms efforts to hunt down Hobgoblin holdouts.

Eventually, as time pasted, the Kingdoms that had forever condemned their race had either died out or fell out of favor. Now, focused on much more pressing or reverent matters. They still make sure to the denied Hobgoblins any land or rest out of fear and tradition.

The Hobgoblins though had more or less settled into their new lives of poverty and while some often sought to take back their land though banditry and insurgency. The majority seeks to keep themselves out of sight and out of mind.

The Lightwar Edit


Modern Times Edit


Notable Inventions Edit


Media Edit

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