Elves reside primarily within the borders of the Elven Realm, however as they are explorers at heart with a deep-rooted love for nature it is not uncommon to find them wandering the roads of Anvaris.

Physiology Edit

Elves are tall and slender. They have pointed ears, long faces and fair features. Most Elves have white, blonde or brown hair however other colors also exist.

While not particularly strong in comparison to other species, Elves have great endurance and rarely need mounts to travel.

History Edit

It is said that during the third cycle the Elves travelled from the Eastern Realms and through the Northern Waste untill they reached Anvaris where they founded their new kingdom.

Legends say that there's another Elven Realm beyond the limits of Anvaris however it has yet to be proven.

Today only the oldest of Elves remember the stories of their great migration and even then such stories have been passed on to the next generation for centuries, eliminating any details it might have had.

Media Edit

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