Elizabeth is a wizard on a mission to capture the fugitive known as Ron Auey and return home with him. 

History Edit

Not much is known about Elizabeth, other than she's allegedly from a different universe. She came here by trying to subdue a fugitive, Ron Auey, for suspicion of unethical experiments. Just as Elizabeth was about to arrest Ron, the fugitive activated a wormhole, which sent both of them to the world of Anvaris.

In her world, that will be known as Alfien, Elizabeth, along with her sister, Maru, eradicated two conspiracies of world domination. She is willing to share her "Great Adventure," as she calls it, with anyone who asks.

Skills Edit

Elizabeth holds a vast amount of knowledge regarding the weather, the stars, and the earth. She can cast a variety of spells, using the Art of Lyn, or Lightning, most frequently. All of the spells Elizabeth learns are named, such as Red Sprite, Dwarf Halo, Plasma Whip, etc.

Her staff, which is used to charge up electrical attacks and direct spells with ease, is formed from the steel on her robe. When she chooses, the steel quickly forms into a solid, steel rod, and visa versa. Yellow wool takes the steel's place when the staff is formed.

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